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Course Benefits

  • Enables your team to be respectful to clients by pronouncing their names and place names correctly and to understand reo Māori words now in common usage.
  • Enables your team to feel confident in cultural situations where Māori tikanga is important such as meetings with iwi, pōwhiri and tangihanga.
  • Provides written and online resources that your team can use in future relevant situations and for continuing their professional development.
  • Provides continuing learning opportunities via a phone app that can be used to practise the kupu(words) that are taught in the course.
  • Enables your company to demonstrate that it is progressive and inclusive both for the benefit of clients and for staff recruiting purposes.
  • Enables your company to demonstrate that it is honouring and respecting Te Tiriti o Waitangi.

Mauri mahi, mauri ora, mauri noho, mauri mate

Industry begets prosperity; idleness begets poverty